Welcome from the Director

At Cornerstones, the well-being of students is prioritized above all else by providing them with a safe and healthy learning
environment. Through the employment of all available resources towards providing education of the highest level, we ensure that
our students receive the space and capability to explore their academic potentials.

CS has developed its school values to be followed by students, teachers, and parents. Our values, better known as “TEACH”, are
Tolerance, Equality, Adaptability, Compassion, and Hope.

With a fully functional inclusive program in place, we encourage all members of the school to project our values, not only within the
premises of the school, but in all dimensions of daily life. TEACH has been carefully crafted to suit societal needs and a culture of
of acceptance within the organization. The administration ensures its practice is not only followed when dealing with students, but also
through daily interaction between members of the faculty and parents.

Mrs. Taiyaba Malik